Gwen Stacy was working at Oscorp along with her friends Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. After Harry was bitten by a Radioactive Spider and became the Spider-Man, Gwen designed Goblin Armor and Goblin Glider for herself, joining him as the Green Goblin. Together the two kept New York City safe while Peter and Mary Jane supported them until one unfortunate day when Sandman's attack on the NYPD precinct led to deaths of both Harry and Gwen's father George Stacy. The combined shock overwhelmed Gwen's bio-feedback circuitry, causing her to permanently slip into the "Goblin" persona.[2] Peter and Mary Jane have been trying to track her down and reverse the process for years, but were unsuccessful until Gwen Stacy from another dimension arrived and used their similar backstories to identify Goblin Gwen's hideout. Once there, Mary Jane was able to reach out to Gwen and snap her out of the loop she was trapped in. After finally getting back to normal, she used her genius to help Spider-Gwen fix her Dimensional Travel Watch.[1]




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