Gwen Stacy was bitten by the same Radioactive Spider as Miles Morales while playing a gig in the basement of a building in Brooklyn in which Miles' uncle Aaron lived on the third floor.[2] After becoming a costumed superhero, she sought an opportunity to interview Tony Stark and applied for a Stark-sponsored internship at the Daily Bugle where the best candidate was promised an interview with Tony himself.[3] Stark was in fact aware of her secret identity and arranged for Gwen to sit at the table with Miles Morales and Peter Parker.[2]

After the two had broke a story without her, Gwen went out investigating on her onw and ran into Spider-Man and his "sidekick", who she quickly figured out to be Peter and Miles. The three of them soon shared each other's secret identities and formed a crime-fighting trio. Together, they took down the Lizard,[2] Kraven the Hunter and his family,[4] Black Cat[5] and eventually Doctor Octopus. The last victory impressed Tony enough to eventually drop on the kids, confirm that he was watching their progress the entire time and give them some advic before leaving them to contue doing what they did.[6]

  • Unlike most other versions of Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider, this one comes from the same universe as her Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

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