Quote1.png Dr. Stacy and Nightbird are two sides of the same coin. Day -- and night. Get rid of one -- and the other is unbalanced. Quote2.png
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Gwen Stacy's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's. She was a friend of Harry Osborn. When she broke up with Harry, this among other reasons led him to a downward spiral into drug use, which eventually placed him a coma. Gwen blamed herself for Harry's condition. She later attended a candlelight vigil for the Falcon following his murder at the hands of the Goblin.[3]

She attended Capitol State University where she received the unwanted infatuation of Professor Miles Warren. Gwen ignored Warren at first, but when things got out of hand, she told her adviser, who confronted Warren. Warren ended up losing his job and his reputation. Warren went made and became the Jackal. After burning down part of CSU, Gwen and Nighthawk fought him, and he ended up in Ravencroft Asylum but escaped after a riot in the prison.[2]

After her father George Stacy died, Gwen was trained by the hero Nighthawk and became a hero herself going by the name Nightbird. She also became a doctor of psychiatry who helped inmates at Ravencroft Asylum.[1] While investigating the death of retired cop Nick Manolis, Gwen discovered a calling card left at the murders of other people and realized that the people killed were people she either knew or had contact with. Gwen feared it was Warren and went to the old CSU library, believing him to be there. After arriving, she was attacked by somewhere dressed in a Jackal costume. Gwen discovered that the Jackal was actually Flash Thompson who was obsessed with her. To protect her, Flash killed Warren and then began killing other people connected to her so he could have Gwen all to himself. After talking Flash down, she knocked him out with a drug and turned him into the police.[2]

When the Goblin staged a takeover of Ravencroft, he took Gwen hostage. When Nighthawk arrived to retake the prison, the Goblin tried to break Nighthawk by exposing Gwen to his Goblin Gas and pushing her off a high place. Nighthawk rescued Gwen, but the Goblin Gas drove her insane, causing her to fight Nighthawk and proclaiming that they were wrong about crime. Nighthawk eventually subdued her and took back the prison.[1] What became of Gwen afterward is unrevealed.

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Seemingly those of the Gwendolyne Stacy of Earth-616.

  • She was also trained in unarmed combat by Nighthawk.[1]


Insanity: The Goblin's Goblin Gas caused Gwen to go insane.



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