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Gwen Stacy never intended to lead an army of Spider-Themed Spies. When she was first forced into this multiverse she was only shocked about it because she thought she had already averted a multiverse breakdown in her own timeline. As one of the few Spider-People who had already dealt with a jump in realities, she took it upon herself to be part of a welcoming and education committee for displaced individuals. A role she took to gladly and would have stayed in if not for the tragic events which would follow.[1]

Tragedy often seems to cling to those destined to wear a Spider-Mask. The shared trauma of Spider-People often motivated their altruism and goodness. One event in particular bonded many of them after their arrival to Spider-Island. After opening doorway after doorway into other multiverses, looking for solutions to their predicament, some of the Scientists unfortunately welcomed a group of hungry and unrelenting symbiotes. It resulted in a city-wide battle that raged on like a horror film for months. Finally the Spider-People were able to push back the deadly threat but not without heavy losses. With all this darkness around them, the citizens of Spider-Island looked to the first friendly face they found when landing here. Gwen Stacy became Madame Web almost overnight. With pressures mounting, and a need for a friendly ear, Madame Web partnered with and was counselled by Stark Prime, Both feeling a connection as "replacements" for other leaders. A kinship between the Spiders and Iron-Legions seemed to be present, for the time at least.[1]

As the Symbiote invasion showed, the Spider-People are not the sole inhabitants of all Spider-Islands. They are certainly the largest group of individuals but other creatures have been spotted in the multiverse-mashed Manhattan. Strange green skinned creatures have been spotted living within the sewers, and a cross of two iconic New York items (rats and pizza) have been dubbed Rattus Pinzae and kept by some Spider-People as pets. There are even a handful of seemingly regular humans who still are spotted from time to time as they go on supply raids. Madame Web has charged herself with overseeing the wellbeing of every creature and construct that is forced to call this place home.[1]

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  • Limited interdimensional travel

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