Gwen Stacy shared a similar history to her Earth-58163 counter-part until Emma Frost did not send her away after Peter Parker learned the truth about their reality. In doing so she secretly followed Peter to Genosha and her strong emotion connection combined with proximity to him and the Scarlet Witch's reversion spell, transported Gwen out of the House of M reality into the main universe.

Her arrival began to slowly unravel reality, and she eventually was tracked down by Doctor Strange who revealed the truth of her existence and began to try to remove her, in an attempt to fix reality. In her disbelief and fear she teleported to Peter just as a battle between him and several villains led by Norman Osborn broke out. During which both Mary Jane and Aunt May were killed. Gwen did not want Peter to have to suffer through this so attempted to sacrifice herself to restore reality to normal, however Peter realized what she was doing and saved her, killing himself in the process. The kissed as reality faded.[1] Her fate after this is currently unknown.

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