Quote1 You asked me why you.? I'll tell you, Peter Parker. Sure, you're smart... and talented... and sweet... But most of all? No matter what life puts in your way? No matter what obstacle? You always keep moving forward. Usually with a dumb joke at your side, but you never give up. I admire that. I love that. Quote2
-- Gwen Stacy src

Mr. Maxwell, Gwen's history teacher, suggested Gwen tutor Peter Parker in-exchange for him tutoring her in biology.[1] She later began seeing Flash Thompson;[2] however, she only saw him as a friend.[3] When she found out that Flash was on the verge of failing most of his classes, she convinced him to be tutored by her and Peter despite Flash and Peter hating one another.[4]

Peter Parker (Earth-16220) from Spidey Vol 1 12 001


Gwen and Peter went to a re-showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Peter left to investigate a city-wide power outage. During this time, she ran into Spider-Man, who gave a good word for Peter. When Peter returned, he asked for a rain check to which she considered as a rescheduling of their date.[3] With Peter's help, Gwen and Flash were able to pass their math final. After receiving their grades, Gwen surprised Peter by asking him to homecoming.[5] He said yes and the two went to the dance and to Jack's Diner's afterwards as well, ending the night with a kiss.[6]


Seemingly those of the Gwen Stacy of Earth-616.

  • Gwen used Twitter.[1]

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