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Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy is one of the best students of Horizon High.[4] She lives with her uncle Raymond and she has proved herself to be quite smart, even giving advices to Spider-Man on how to save people.[5]

Meeting Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Later, in the streets of New York City, she met Spider-Man (whom she did not know was Peter Parker actually) during his fight with Jackal and advised him about his crime-fighting. She also met Peter Parker at Osborn Academy for Geniuses where she interacted with him. She also watched as Flash Thompson, Alistair Smythe, John Jameson, her best friend, Anya Corazon, Herman Schultz, and Clayton Cole auditioned for a spot at Oz Academy. Later, when Jackal attacked Oz Academy and stole Cole and Schultz's inventions, Spider-Man with the help of Gwen, Clayton, Herman, and a reluctant Harry Osborn defeated Jackal, who ran. Later, as Jackal transformed back into Raymond, Gwen arrived home.[5]

Part of the Study Group

Later, as Peter was about to leave to stop Black Cat, Gwen, Miles Morales and Anya questioned Peter about scientific questions. As Peter correctly answered the questions, he left leaving Anya and Gwen shocked.[6]

Attending Harry Osborn's Comeback Dance and discovering the truth of the Jackal

Later, Gwen was excited when her close friend, Harry Osborn was cleared of the charges Spencer Smythe accused him of. Later, she attended Harry's comeback party where another one of his close friends, Aleksei Systevich became Rhino after being turned into the creature by Raymond. She correctly deduced that Raymond used the DNA combination and was the Jackal. Afterwards, Gwen and Spider-Man helped defeat the Jackal. She was comforted by Peter, who told her that his Uncle Ben taught him a powerful lesson, "that with great power, must come great responsibility", but he said Raymond saw past that. She then noted that he added the formula to his backpack. [7]

Studying the V-252

Later, as part of their Stark Expo experiment, they researched and studied the V-252 hoping to add it as a isotope to the Periodic Table. However, as Spider-Man was fighting Sandman, the V-252 bonded with him, making him aggressive and ruthless. Unbeknownst to her, Peter bonded with the V-252 as he was Spider-Man. She, along with her other classmates were devastated when the V-252 went missing, though, Peter tried to cheer them up. [8] Later on, she was still devastated when the V-252 went the missing, but cheered up when Peter returned the lifeform to Max Modell.[9]

Attending the Stark Expo

Later, Gwen attending the Stark Expo with fellow students, Anya, Gwen, Peter, Max, and science teacher, Dr. Otto Octavius. Later on, in the event, their respective creations, with the exception of the V-252 went haywire as Ghost sabotaged them leading to Iron Man and Spider-Man stopping him, via the V-252. After it was revealed that the V-252 was sentient and alive, Max abandoned all research on it, believing it to be dangerous. [10]

Discovering Miles' Secret Identity

Later, when Miles was bitten by the Electris Arachnis spider, he revealed his secret identity as Spider-Man (Miles Morales) to Gwen and Anya, who dismissed that Spider-Man kept a secret identity to Peter.[11]

Discovering Miles and Spider-Man on Kraven's Amazing Hunt

Later, when Norman Osborn hunted down Spider-Man and Miles using Kraven the Hunter, Gwen, along with Anya and Max (who was oblivious that Miles was the second incarnation of Spider-Man).[12]

Attending Horizon High's Costume Party and Fighting the Man-Wolf

Later, Gwen attended Horizon High's Costume Party as the Red Riding Hood. She also attending with Harry, who was waiting for Peter. Later, the school was attacked when Man-Wolf attacked the school. He was stopped by the team of Gwen, Spider-Man, Harry, and Avenger Hulk.[13]

She also helped Peter unlock information from a pen drive which belonged to Hamnerhead.[14]

Helping Otto's Recovery

Sometime later, after Otto was attacked by Crimson Dynamo, she was the only one, along with Peter, to believe that Otto could redeem himself by going after Galina, which he and Spider-Man did, confirming Gwen's status.[15]

The Lizard's Attack on Horizon High

Later, she was dismal when Otto was dismissed by Max as a result of The Lizard's attack on Horizon High.[16] She got to stay out of school for about a week due to repairs.[17]

Discovering Jackal's "death", having clones of himself, and Attack on Midtown High

Later, Gwen was upset when it was revealed that Spider-Man and Miles apparently killed her "uncle", "Raymond Warren", but Peter reassured her that Spider-Man and Miles were innocent and that "Raymond" was a clone. Later, she, Peter, and Gwen discovered a secret lab underneath Midtown High where they were clones of Raymond and he kept the spiders for experimentation. At that moment, the real Raymond arrived with the Sinister Five members, which included Otto, Aleksei, former teacher, Adrian Toomes, Ollie Osnick, and Alistair Smythe who were mind-controlled by Otto and Raymond to do their bidding. This resulted in Gwen and the rest being exposed to the spiders, giving them superpowers and the destruction of Midtown High, and the apparent death and defeat of Norman Osborn.{{r|Marvel's Spider-Man (animated series) Season 1 18}}

Becoming Spider-Gwen and Spider-Island

Later, Gwen became a new superhero known as Spider-Gwen and with Spider-Man, Miles, and a reluctant Harry's help, stopped the threat of Stealth Spider (who actually was Norman having mutated as a result of the destruction of Midtown High). Also, in the process, it was revealed that multiple people in New York were exposed to the "Spider-Virus" and were spider-powered.[2] Later, she and Spider-Man helped Avenger Black Widow stop Crossbones and Dr. Arnim Zola from taking over the world with their organization, Hydra. As she was autographing her fans, Gwen turned into a monstrous spider-like creature sending her last phone calls to Anya and Peter.[18] Later, Anya and Peter discovered she was a spider-like monster, and with the help of Harry kept her and Norman safe from Kraven who was using New York as his hunting grounds for his show.[19] Later, during the curing of New York City, Gwen, along with millions of others, was cured of the Spider-Virus. Sometime later, Anya let Gwen know (as she is her best friend) that she was Spider-Girl.[20]

Stopping Hobgoblin

Later, when Otto was defeated by Hobgoblin and Spider-Man, she, Miles, and Anya saved Spider-Man after he was attacked by Hobgoblin.[21]

Summer Vacation

When she, Peter, Anya, and Miles, were let out of Horizon for summer, she attended the Ross Caliban with Anya and later went on a camping trip with the latter three. During the camping trip, she reminded Peter that summer is supposed to be fun.[22]

Believing Otto Octavius

When Otto returned to Horizon to resume his position as science teacher, he saved Gwen when Miles and Peter programmed the security bots to attack Otto so they wouldn't have to change. To everybody's surprise, Otto saved Gwen. Gwen gave Otto a second chance into his heart and was relieved when both: Aleksei was cured of being Rhino and Otto resumed his position as science teacher.[23]

Working With the Neuro-Cortex

She also worked with the Neuro-Cortex with Otto, Miles, and Anya, where it was discovered that Otto was using them as petty revenge against Spider-Man.[24]

Maximum Venom

Venomized Gwen

As time went on, Gwen, Miles and Anya started thinking about life after Horizon High, and began looking into colleges. When the Avengers brought Klyntar symbiotes back from a space mission with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the city soon became engulfed in madness as the infection spread. Gwen, Miles and Anya came to assist Peter after he was attacked by Venomized versions of Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk, Baby Groot, Cloak and Dagger while trying to get into Horizon High to stop the invasion. The young heroes fought valiantly, but were overpowered by Doctor Strange and subsequently infected by Ironheart. Now bonded to symbiotes, Gwen and the others attacked Peter. They were later freed after Max and Peter were able to create the Anti-Venom Symbiote for Baby Groot, which wiped out the symbiote infection throughout the city.[3]

Last Dance

A school dance was later organized to celebrate Max's rehiring at Horizon High. Gwen went with Grady Scraps as her date, but the evening turned to chaos when Max revealed himself to be the new Venom host and opened up a portal that brought Scream, Scorn and Mania to Earth. A massive battle ensued, and although the heroes prevailed, the school was destroyed. Gwen was last seen alongside her friends as they prepared to open a new lab called W.E.B. to continue the work they had done at Horizon.


Gwen is a bright teenage girl. Unlike Harry Osborn who despises Spider-Man for pulling him out of harm's way, Gwen was grateful to the latter after being rescued from the Jackal.

Powers and Abilities


  • Spider Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Leaping
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Ability
    • Superhuman Equilibrium
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Wall-Crawling
    • Organic Webbing Generation
    • Gliding


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