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In 1966, Gwen was present when Flash Thompson left to fight in the Vietnam War, but she remained at the train station, waiting for Peter Parker to show up. When Peter finally arrived at the station, Gwen kept on continuously asking him why he was late, until she noticed that Peter was wearing Spider-Man's Suit underneath his shirt, realising that he was, in fact, Spider-Man.[1]

At some point between 1966 and 1977, Gwen and Peter got married, however, at some point during this period, Miles Warren also kidnapped Gwen and kept her in a stasis pod alongside clones of Peter and Norman Osborn, as he was also in love with Gwen and hoped to run off with her one day. Warren also created a clone of Gwen, which he used her to keep up the subterfuge. In 1977, Norman Osborn sent his son, Harry, to confront Warren after hearing that he was starting to act outside of Norman's instuctions. Spider-Man showed up at the same time, and the clones’ existence were revealed during the chaos. The building eventually exploded, but Norman's clone and the original Gwen were still inside, with only Peter's clone making it out alive due to having spider-strength just like Peter. It was only after this, that Warren finally revealed the truth about the switch between the original Gwen and the clone to Spider-Man, which left him crying while holding Gwen's body in the ruins of the building.[2]

  • As it was never specified whether Miles Warren kidnapped and cloned Gwen before or after she and Peter got married, It could be possible that it was Gwen's clone who was actually married to Peter.

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