While Peter Parker is being bullied by some boys, such as Flash Thompson, Gwen helps him out and tells Flash where to go. Harry Osborn comes along and says that his father wants to meet them both and see how Peter's internship at Stark Industries is going. Pete turns the offer down and later tells Gwen he's got a bad feeling about Harry's dad, Norman. He says that Norman keeps asking him questions about his internship and his 'sixth sense' is warning him of trouble.[1]

Some time later, on a bench somewhere, Peter tries to tell Gwen about how Osborn has been tailing him and that Osborn wanted him to steal information from Tony Stark. Gwen interrupts and says she doesn't believe him. As she leaves and is on her way home, she is abducted by men in a car.

Back at home, Peter's phone goes off. It is Gwen's phone calling but Norman Osborn on the line. He tells Peter that Gwen is "a little tied up right now". Pete says to leave Gwen out of it. Osborn tells him he has two days to get the information from Stark and not to involve the authorities, or else.[2]

Later, Peter arrives at Oscorp with the documents Osborn got him to steal from Tony Stark. He has reached the 53rd floor and Osborn unveils Gwen, who is near the edge of the building. He asks for the file but then the sound of police sirens disturbs them all, called by William Watts. Pete says he didn't call them but says he's not going to hand over the files in any case. Pete throws the papers over the window ledge. Osborn launches himself after them but tumbles over the edge, taking Gwen with him. Peter just keeps a hold of Gwen using his crippled arm and pulling her to safety. Osborn splats on the pavement below.[3]


Seemingly those of Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-616)#Powers.

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