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When Gwen Stacy first started dating Peter Parker, he told her that he used to be Spider-Man, but only impressed her after showing her the Web-Shooters of his own design. Years later, Peter had established his own successful company, Parker Industries, and was married to Gwen. With the installment of a totalitarian regime during Harry Osborn's presidency, Gwen started helping the Resistance under the table whereas Peter preferred to avoid antagonizing the system, and even disapproved of what Gwen was doing.

When Peter's counterpart from the Prime Marvel Universe unwittingly jumped forward in time from this reality's past after visiting it, he sought Peter's help to no avail. Since Gwen knew about him, he pointed Spider-Man to the Resistance so they could search for somebody to help them figure out how to return to their proper timeline. Not long afterward, Gwen was notified by her moles in Oscorp that they were in high alert, so she decided to actively help the Resistance by joining them. Before leaving, Gwen clashed with Peter over his reluctance to help, calling him out on his cowardice.[1]

Gwen assisted the Resistance after they were surrounded by Osborn's forces inside an Oscorp warehouse where they had gotten Doctor Doom to set up a Time-Platform for Spider-Man and his allies. When she was at the mercy of Otto Octavius, Gwen was rescued by Peter, who had decided to become Spider-Man once again following his discussion with Gwen. After the defeat of Osborn's army and the villain's retreat, Gwen reconciled with Peter as his counterpart and his allies prepared to return to their timeline.[2]


  • Gwen's outfits are reminiscent of Spider-Gwen's costume. In her lab clothes, she was wearing black leggings and bright blue sneakers with pink laces. When she joined the Resistance, her outfit was black, with blue boots and a pink belt sash.

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