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Quote1 You said "Peter Parker doesn't have the guts"?!! ... You crummy, dim-witted loudmouth! He could be half the man he is... and still make up ten of you!!! Quote2
Gwen Stacy[src]

Gwen Stacy was a classmate of Peter Parker while they were undergraduates at Empire State University. Initially, Peter's problems as Spider-Man made him ignore her advances, and in return, she felt insulted by his aloofness.[8] Gradually, however, a romance developed. Gwen, a science major, seemed to appreciate Peter's intellectual personality, different from that of jocks like Flash Thompson and preppies like Harry Osborn. She was Peter Parker's first true love.

Gwen was killed by the Green Goblin.[4] Her death deeply affected Peter for years to come and also served as the catalyst for Peter's relationship with Mary Jane.[9]



Gwen was the daughter of NYPD captain George Stacy and Helen Stacy. As a teenager, she attended Standard High, a rival school to Midtown High.[10]

When Peter's Aunt May lay sick, Peter gave everyone the cold shoulder, including new classmates Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy.[8] As a result, Peter began to get snubbed by Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn for being anti-social.[11] Gwen later attended a space exhibit where Peter was also in attendance. Gwen became frustrated when Peter only noticed the exhibits and remained completely oblivious to her presence. When the criminal known as the Looter showed up to steal a meteor, Spider-Man arrived to prevent it. Peter attempted to try and talk to Gwen, but she wrote him off as a coward for running when the villain showed up.[12]

Over time, Gwen started to see Peter in a positive light, admiring his strength and courage.[13] When Peter went to school on his bike, Gwen noticed his new ride and mentioned it. As he told her that she’s got a lot to learn about him, they both really noticed each other for the first time.[14] At Empire State University, Gwen invited Peter to a party at her house on Sunday, but he declined so as to meet his neighbor's niece, Mary Jane Watson.[15] Gwen and her friends later learn that Flash Thompson has been drafted for the war.[16]

Gwen met up with Peter, Harry and Flash at a local café. While talking about Flash being drafted, Mary Jane walked in and the boys were stunned. They became even more surprised when Peter revealed that he knew her and Gwen became jealous when Peter and Mary Jane left together.[17] Gwen and her friends planned a going away party for Flash Thompson before he left for the armed forces to fight in Vietnam.[18] She also visited an unwell Peter Parker.[19] Gwen started to notice Peter's depression over his Aunt's illness, which started to affect his grades.[20] With Gwen and her friends' help, Peter was made to feel better about his life.[21] Flash Thompson returned home on furlough from the war, meeting with the gang: Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, and Mary Jane Watson.[22]

Peter asked Gwen to accompany him to a science symposium with Professor Warren. At the symposium, Doctor Octopus attacked and stole a device called a “nullifier”, a device designed as missile defense. Spider-Man tried to stop him, leaving Gwen on her own feeling abandoned by her date.[23] Peter visited Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, where both competed for a date with him, but he left them both to check on his Aunt May.[24] Gwen and her friends all got together at the Coffee Bean Barn.[25] Peter and Mary Jane went to his Aunt May's House to assess the damage done by the attack by Dr. Octopus, where they were joined by Gwen.[26] Suddenly, Peter went missing, causing Gwen and all his friends and family to worry.[27]

Once Peter returned, he, Gwen, and the rest of their friends met up and decide to go and check out a nightclub where Mary Jane had taken up a job as a go-go dancer. However, the club was a criminal front where Dr. Winkler's brainwashing techniques were being utilized to further a criminal organization. They gave Mary Jane a special camera that briefly puts people under their control, forcing them to go in back and get legitimately brainwashed. When this was done to Captain George Stacy, Gwen began to worry about her father when he didn't return from getting fresh air. Peter, also finding it suspicious, decided to go look for him but as Spider-Man. Spider-Man went in back and caught Winkler in the process of brainwashing George Stacy, but before Spider-Man could stop him, he was grabbed by Winkler's employer: Kingpin.[28] Once Kingpin completed the brainwashing, he let Stacy go. Stacy met up with Gwen and Harry, who were being told by Mary Jane about Spider-Man's appearance at the club; George attempted to alleviate any concern they had about what happened. When Peter later tried to confront George as Peter Parker, Stacy attacked him, forcing Peter to defend himself. Gwen walked in on the situation, and her father accused Peter of going mad and attacking him. Gwen refused to listen to anything Peter said and demanded that he leave.[29]

When Gwen Stacy confronted her father about his involvement in the attempted theft of top-secret plans, his brainwashing wore off and he told her the truth of what happened. With George wanted by the police and slated to be killed by the Kingpin's men, they decided to try and flee the city. Peter (having deduced they may be in trouble from the Kingpin's men) came to their rescue but arrived to find their home full of the Kingpin's goons. When Spidey defeated them, he found that they had also been brainwashed and were useless for getting any more information from Kingpin. Peter developed a special gas mask to protect him from the Kingpin's gases and began searching for any clue to the Kingpin's hideout, but the Kingpin's men managed to stop Gwen and George at the airport. Then, they were taken back to Osborn Industries, and were about to be killed by a giant vat of a boiling hot chemical. This was interrupted by the arrival of both Norman Osborn and Spider-Man. The two fought off the Kingpin and his goons, and while Winkler was killed, the Kingpin escaped. Spider-Man saved Gwen and George from a painful death. Afterwards, the true story came out and with Osborn's corroboration of the events, George Stacy's name was cleared of any wrongdoing.[30] Peter Parker tried to patch things up with Gwen, to no avail.[31][32]

Gwen was told by her father, whose memories from when he was brainwashed have come back that Peter never attacked him when he was under the Kingpin's influence, which brought Gwen happiness as she hopes to patch things up with Peter. However, her joy was replaced with worry when Betty Brant and Ned Leeds told Gwen that Peter was on the roof of the Bugle building when the Vulture attacked.[33] Gwen's father was taken hostage in prison but was rescued by Spider-Man, who had been recently arrested.[34] Peter repaired his relationship with Gwen and Captain Stacy.[35] After a fight with the Synthetic Man Peter was left bedridden and Gwen and Mary Jane came over to look after him but ended up both going out with Harry instead.[36] When Peter picked up Gwen for a date, they witnessed the Man Monster attack the home of Captain Stacy. Peter sent Gwen for help and then changed into Spider-Man in an attempt to save Captain Stacy.[37]

Harry called Peter, telling him that his dad was back, and to celebrate his wellness, he invited Peter, MJ, and Gwen to a party he was throwing. Peter saw right through it as a trap, but picked up Gwen and went anyway, despite the danger. When the two arrive, Harry, MJ, and Norman were already there. After a little while, they started dinner. Norman started to lose his grip and would've attacked Peter in front of everyone if dinner had lasted longer. After the Goblin and Spider-Man battled, Harry, MJ, and Gwen met with Peter again, as Harry met with his father again while Peter walked out with the girls, still worrying about the Goblin returning.[38]

Gwen Stacy visited her father. When the phone rings, Gwen hopes it's Peter, but it turns out to be only Joe Robertson checking to see if there's been any new word on Mysterio.[39] When Peter and Gwen visit Aunt May, May pretends to be in better health than she really is so as not to spoil the young lovers happiness.[40] A group of student protesters were arrested in connection with the theft of an ancient clay tablet. When Gwen Stacy arrives at the police station, she slaps one of the protesters in the face when he calls Peter a coward. When she tells her father about it, he asks her if maybe she was more worried that it's truth, a question which Gwen isn't sure of the answer.[41] Peter is later told off by Gwen for not calling her and she confronts him with the fact that she thinks he's a coward.[42]

When Peter later meets up with Gwen, they are surprised to see Flash Thompson is back in town. However, when Flash makes a harmless flirtatious remark towards her Peter loses his temper. Which upsets both Flash and Gwen who leaves Peter to mull over his current relationship problems.[43] Spider-Man has come to the Stacy home to ask George Stacy if he can provide any clues about where the Shocker may have taken the tablet stolen from his home. After overhearing Gwen talking about Peter to her father, Spider-Man makes his presence known to Stacy, after some consideration George gives Spider-Man the only lead he can think of: The address of the Shocker's ex-girlfriend.[44] At Empire State University campus, Peter walks around in a complete daze and doesn't even notice Harry Osborn's new mustache. Harry is puzzled by Peter's lack of reaction, but Gwen Stacy sticks up for her man. She tells Harry to help Peter instead of giving hostility, and to actually act like his friend.[45]

Peter later visits the Stacy home, and meets with Gwen, who asks Peter to share his secret with her because his disappearances have gone on far too long. Peter promises he'll tell her soon, but not yet. Before going out on a date, they are interrupted by George Stacy and Joe Robertson, who have been talking about Spider-Man. George asks Peter to come back sometime soon and discuss what he knows about Spider-Man, having taken so many pictures of the wall crawler.[46] When Peter asks Gwen to meet with him, she tells him she's busy, Pete completely unaware that she has Flash Thompson over for a visit. Peter tries to study but finds that he cannot get Gwen off the brain, and decides to go and see her anyway, coming up with an excuse for his visit. However, along the way, he spies Gwen with Flash Thompson when he walks pass the Coffee Pot café. Unaware that she's seeking advice about Peter and his secret, Peter assumes that the two of them have become an item and storms off.[47] The next day, while Peter is on the campus of ESU he is confronted by Gwen, who is upset with him ignoring her, he confronts her with the fact that he saw her out with Flash Thompson the night before and leaves before she has a chance to explain.[48]

At his apartment mulling over how to deal with what he believes is a relationship going on between Flash Thompson and Gwen Stacy, Harry comes home with Flash. Peter loses his temper and almost pummels his former rival, when Flash explains the truth of what happened: That Gwen came to him for advice over her troubled relationship with Peter. Realizing what a fool he's made of himself, Peter calls Gwen to apologize and the two make up and agree to go to the Midtown Museum exhibit that her father is in charge of guarding priceless paintings. Peter rushes there as Spider-Man so he can meet Gwen on time. When Peter and Gwen steal a kiss, Peter's spider-sense goes off, but it appears to only be George Stacy, although Peter finds it strange that George walked by as if he didn't recognize it. When the painting that was on display turns out to be stolen, Peter and Gwen realize that George is nowhere to be found. They rush back to the Stacy home where they find a dazed and confused George Stacy with no recollection of making it out to the museum. In reality, the "George Stacy" at the museum is really the Chameleon.[49] Gwen calls and invites Peter out to Flash Thompson's farewell party as he is returning to duty in Vietnam. As Peter's financial woes get the better of him, causing him to snap at another one of Flash's harmless flirtations towards Gwen, he storms out of the going away party.[50]

Peter and his friends bid farewell to Flash Thompson who is going back to fight in Vietnam. Later as Peter and Gwen are strolling through the streets, Peter is about to confide in Gwen that he's really Spider-Man. At that moment, the Schemer's men attack another one of the Kingpin's trucks. When it's jackknifed off the road, it pins Peter and Gwen under it. Gwen is knocked out and Peter uses his spider-strength to get them out of anymore harm's way. With no leads to go on, Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker and goes back to Gwen in the hospital. Gwen has just come out of her coma and is upset that Peter wasn't there by her side. She asks her father to escort Peter away. As they are leaving, George tries to console Peter telling him that Gwen will be in a better mood the next day. Before leaving, Peter almost let it slip to George that he's really Spider-Man, before catching himself and quickly departing.[51]

With no leads on the Schemer Peter decides to pay a visit to Gwen who is recovering at home following her release from the hospital. At first Gwen gives him a cold reception because of his leaving her at the hospital; however as they discuss just how Peter managed to not be harmed in the accident is too close for the Stacy's learning the truth about his secret identity that Peter makes an excuse for an abrupt departure.[52] While at the apartment that Peter Parker shares with Harry Osborn, Peter mulls over his studies while thinking about how he's so broke he can't afford a present for Gwen's upcoming birthday. He's roused from his work when Gwen and her father come by for a visit and start asking him questions about his connection with Spider-Man. George is suspicious about how Peter can be present so many times when Spider-Man is in action. Using the fact that he has pictures to develop as an excuse to go into his dark room, Peter quickly changes into Spider-Man and enters in through another window. Pretending to be a different person, Spidey demands to see Peter Parker for his cut of the money for the pictures that Parker takes. The Stacy's fall for it, and "cover" for Peter by telling Spider-Man that he isn't there. Satisfied that his secret is safe, Spider-Man departs, and waits for the Stacy's to leave. As Spider-Man succeeds in capturing the Schemer, Gwen and George Stacy return to Parker's home to find it empty. They wonder if Peter was either kidnapped or willingly left with Spider-Man, this prompts George to call the local precinct.[53] When Spider-Man is about to enter his apartment when he spies Harry Osborn, Gwen and George Stacy waiting for him. Sneaking some clothing, Spidey changes back into Peter Parker and enters the apartment. When Gwen sees the bruises on his face, she demands to know what sort of trouble he's in. When Peter isn't forthcoming with answers, she tells him not to call her until he can promise not to get involved with Spider-Man ever again, and leaves with her father.[54]

Coming to the conclusion that his spider-powers are fading for good, the ailing Peter Parker realizes that today is Gwen Stacy's birthday, and he hasn't been able to get her a gift. In a moment of desperation, he uses his fading spider-powers to steal a pearl necklace from the jewelry store but stops himself at the last moment. As Gwen's birthday party begins, Gwen becomes aware of Peter's absence and begins to get upset. The party is then suddenly shocked when Peter enters the party, Spider-Man mask in hand and tells everyone that because his powers are fading, he can finally reveal that he's Spider-Man. When George Stacy points out that Peter is feverish and sick, Peter realizes that he's putting Gwen through enough distress to cause hysteria and flees. Taking off his costume and disguising his face, Peter visits Hobie Brown and asks him to help fool everyone into once more believing that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are two different people. Peter then goes to visit the Stacy's home and explains to Gwen, George, Mary Jane and Harry that he was in a fever state and didn't know what he's saying. When Gwen doesn't immediately believe Peter, Hobie (dressed in Spider-Man's costume) enters through the window and his performance in front of everyone convinces the others that Peter's story is true. His mission accomplished, Hobie leaves the scene and stashes Spider-Man's costume where he was told. Afterwords, Peter departs from the Stacy home, secure in the fact that his secret identity has been protected, but still has an uneasy feeling as though he's walking on eggshells.[3] Gwen and Peter's relationship was now back on track, but this was short lived due to the oncoming battle with Doctor Octopus.[55]

Death of Captain Stacy[]

As Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus battle on the rooftops on the ground there stands a child directly in the path of the falling bricks and Captain Stacy also in the crowd below pushes the child out of the way to save him. Unfortunately, Captain Stacy is hit full on with the bricks and Spider-Man goes down to save him. Pulling him out of the rubble and once atop the rooftop, Stacy dies in Spider-Man's hands, but not without first revealing that he knows Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Spider-Man is given instructions to look after Gwen Stacy, while Spider-Man worries that she may learn that her father died because of him.[56]

At the funeral of George Stacy everyone close to the late police captain is in attendance. Peter is there to support Gwen during this time; however, he begins to consider what would happen if Gwen who blames Spider-Man for her father's death ever found out that Peter is Spider-Man. Also in attendance is Sam Bullit, a man who was competing with George for the job of district attorney. When Gwen later asks to aid on Bullit's campaign, it's another advantage to Bullit. Spider-Man then heads back to his apartment. Entering he is suddenly startled when the lights are turned on by Bullit who had come there with Gwen Stacy, because he knew there was a connection between Parker and Spider-Man.[57] Spider-Man has just been confronted by Sam Bullit and Gwen Stacy at Peter Parker's apartment. Spider-Man, hoping to talk sense into Gwen, grabs the girl and makes an exit. However, this is spotted by Robert Drake, who is out on a date. He changes into Iceman and attacks Spider-Man, whom he thinks will harm the girl, forcing Spidey to make an escape. Bullit thanks Iceman for his help and asks him to track down and capture Spider-Man.[58]

While dealing with the grief of her father's death, and Peter's sudden strange behavior, Gwen gets a call from her Uncle Arthur offering her to come out to England to live with them, a decision she needs to think about. She goes to see Peter to see if he wants her to stay; however, when she mentions her hatred of Spider-Man, it causes him to be reluctant to tell her to stay and Gwen, hurt, leaves Peter's apartment. Peter then storms off and loses his temper over how his alter ego constantly ruins his life. Swinging to Gwen's apartment, Spider-Man finds the land lady cleaning the place up. He learns from her that Gwen had left for the airport to go to England. Rushing there, Peter arrives moments too late, and watches in agony as her plane takes off. Realizing that his slow decision cost him the girl he loves, Peter leaves the airport.[59]

Now in England and away from Peter she is able to deal with her father's death.[60] When Robbie Robertson learns that of what happened to Gwen, he sends Peter on "Assignment" to England on the condition he takes news photos for the Bugle while he's out there. Peter is about to see Gwen, when he notices the news reports about Spider-Man being in England and realizes that Gwen could put two and two together and figure out his secret identity. Cursing his stupidity, Peter is forced to go home without visiting the girl he loves.[61] Meanwhile in England, Gwen Stacy begins to realize that leaving Peter behind to move to England was a big mistake and decides to return back to New York and find Peter, and hopefully patch things up. When Peter returns home, he is greeted by Gwen.[62]

After a day out with Gwen Stacy, Peter decides that it's time he gets his personal life in order and tries to find a steady job. Disappointed that he doesn't have the money to take his girlfriend out, Peter arrives at Gwen's and tells her the news. Gwen tells Peter he's being silly and doesn't need to take her out and they opt to stay in, while she cooks them supper for a nice romantic night indoors.[63] Peter still trying to improve his life with Gwen takes a formula to remove his powers making him normal, but the reverse happened.[64] Peter panics, thinking of himself as a freak, he snaps back to reality when his phone rings, its Gwen, inviting him to come see a movie, Peter moans at her so that she'll hate him and forget him just in case they don't see each other again, Gwen gets the message and hangs up.[65] Gwen Stacy sits at home worrying about what happened to Peter. When she calls Aunt May, she becomes even more worried when Aunt May tells her she hasn't heard from Peter either.[66]

Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 103

Gwen in the Savage Land

After hearing about a monster in the Savage Land, Jameson figures this is the scoop that the Bugle needs to stay afloat and decide to bring some of his staff to the Savage Land in order to snap pictures of this elusive beast. When Joe calls Peter to secure him for the expedition, Peter instantly agrees as he needs the money. This upsets Gwen, and Peter decides to take her to the Bugle. When he arrives there Jameson sees what he's has thought was missing from this expedition to begin with: A woman's perspective and asks Gwen if she'd like to come. When they arrive a creature grabs Gwen and leaves, Peter tries to stop the monster but is swatted away and lands in a nearby river. Gwen is then taken to a man who's "adopted" the monster, none other than Spider-Man's old foe, Kraven the Hunter. As Calkin and Jameson go after the monster, they run into Ka-Zar and his sabertooth tiger Zabu and enlist his aid in trying to find Gwen. Meanwhile, Peter has changed into Spider-Man and begins his own search for Gwen as well.[67] Gog has brought Gwen to Kraven the Hunter, who has decided to take Gwen as his mate. Spider-Man battles Kraven with the help of Ka-Zar who then rushes Gwen back to Jameson and Calkin. After thanking Ka-Zar for his help and bidding him farewell, they depart from the Savage Land.[68]

Peter and Gwen arrive back in New York safely.[69] When Peter meets up with Gwen, he learns that they aren't going out on a date so much as checking in on Flash Thompson, who Gwen is worried about since he's come back from Vietnam. When Flash Thompson loses his temper over their concern, the couple decides to leave him be and go out for a romantic evening together.[70] Gwen meets with Randy Robertson who is in a good mood after the Daily Bugle does a report of the protest against the police surveillance cameras. She is later confronted by Flash who apologizes for how he acted. When he tries to express his feelings for her, she stops him and tells him that her feelings for Peter are real. She then confronts him with the fact that that is not the only thing bothering him, Flash declines to talk about it. On his way back from the Daily Bugle Peter spots Gwen walking with Flash. He spots two military men pull up in a vehicle and escort Flash away, leaving Gwen in tears. Spider-Man wonders if this spectacle will change things between him and Gwen.[71]

When Peter tries to go off after them, Gwen stops him, calling him on the fact that everyone thinks him a coward.[72] Peter is stuck by Gwen, unable to go after Flash's attackers as Spider-Man because Gwen would think Peter Parker is a coward. While at Harry Osborn's apartment, Gwen arrives and tells Harry that Peter has been "kidnapped" by Spider-Man. When Aunt May enters the room, Gwen lashes out at her when she calls Peter a boy, but she quickly apologizes for her outburst and the two make peace. After he rescues Flash he tells Spider-Man that the whole story will be great to tell Gwen. Spider-Man departs and wonders how Peter Parker is going to be able to compete with Flash's feelings for Gwen now that he's a civilian again.[73]

When he returns home, he finds Gwen and Aunt May waiting for him. When May suddenly changes her tone when she catches herself fussing over Peter, Gwen tells Peter how she and May had an argument about how she is too coddling over Peter. Peter, too tired to do anything passes out in Gwen's arm and she puts him to rest of the couch. When Flash arrives to tell everyone he's okay, Harry asks him to walk Gwen home. Peter wakes up only in time to see Gwen and Flash leave the apartment and assumes the worst before dropping back to sleep.[74] When Peter returned home and tells Gwen that Aunt May has left, but tells her not to be hard on herself because her harsh words to Aunt May were long coming.[75] Gwen and Peter then go searching for Aunt May as she has been kidnapped.[76]

After fevered dreams of Aunt May being held hostage and dying at the hands of Dr. Octopus, Peter is awakened by Gwen Stacy. She and Harry have summoned Doctor Bromwell after realizing how ill Peter was. After examining Peter, Doctor Bromwell determines that Peter is suffering from nervous exhaustion and possibly has an ulcer to boot. The doctor gives Harry a prescription for Peter and Gwen promises to take good care of him.[77] While on the campus of ESU, Dr. Miles Warren confronts Gwen Stacy about the rumors he's heard about Peter Parker, she confirms them for him. She is then met by Flash Thompson, who makes a crack about Peter's ulcer. This upsets Gwen who tells him off and storms away.[78]

Gwen goes to the Daily Bugle, to see if they've heard anything about Aunt May. When Ned Leeds finishes the story, he was trying to tell Peter, that someone fitting Aunt May's description was hired by an employment agency and sent to a place in Westchester, Joe Robertson, Ned, and Gwen all leave to go to that location to see if May is there. Peter Parker appears shortly after Joe, Gwen and Ned arrive. When Peter meets with his Aunt May, she's called by Dr. Octopus briefly. When she comes back, she tells Peter that she's not coming back home, that Peter is a grown man and can make his own decisions, and that she's decided to stay here and keep watch of Dr. Octopus' home as per his request.[79]

Spider-Man web-slings across the city to meet up with Gwen for a date but can't help but keep an eye out for the Smasher. Meeting up with Gwen, Gwen feels bad for Aunt May's decisions of late because they were influenced over Gwen's criticisms of Aunt May's mothering of Peter, she reassures Peter that Flash is only a friend, and he has nothing to worry about. The couple then go to a fundraiser for Raleigh's campaign, where they meet with Mary Jane. During the event, Peter's spider-sense goes off, he notices the roof of the reception hall is about to collapse. Killing the lights Peter, with no time to change into his Spider-Man costume, tries to stop the collapse with his webbing; however, it's not enough, and unless he comes up with an idea fast, the roof will collapse and kill everyone there, including Gwen.[80] Gwen and Mary Jane attend a youth rally for Raleigh.[81] Peter joins Harry, Gwen and Mary Jane in driving a campaign truck for Raleigh's campaign. It's shortly attacked by the Smasher. Everyone gets out safely before the Smasher destroyed the truck.[82] Peter calls from Canada to check in on Gwen, she tells Peter to come back to the States as quickly as possible because Harry has had a relapse from his previous drug overdose. Peter tells her that he has to finish business in Canada, but he will be back as soon as possible.[83]

Death and Post-Mortem[]

While waiting for Peter in his apartment, Gwen is ambushed by The Green Goblin[4] announcing that he was looking for Peter, but he can kidnap Gwen instead to lure him into a trap.[5][84] Gwen throws a lamp at the Goblin, who knocks her out with gas from a pumpkin, which he leaves in Peter's apartment for him to later find,[5] before he brings the unconscious Gwen to the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man later arrived to fight the Goblin, but Spider-Man was sick and not performing as well as usual.[4]

Peter Parker (Earth-616) and dead Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 121 0001

Peter holding Gwen's dead body

Before the fight began, Gwen awoke and overheard the Goblin announce that Peter is Spider-Man, sending her into a state of shock thinking that her boyfriend killed her father. Later, when Spider-Man goes to save her, Gwen wants to tell him to stay away from her, but her mouth is still frozen in shock. The Green Goblin pushes her off the bridge, while she feels nothing inside.[5] Spider-Man caught her by a leg with a string of web. The sudden stop in midair snapped Gwen's neck, making it difficult for her to breathe.[4] She was still alive during the battle, with the revelation of Peter's secret identity making her die feeling betrayed, but Gwen's last thoughts were asking herself what she did to deserve this.[85] Spider-Man initially thought he had saved her, but when he pulled Gwen back up onto the bridge, he realized that she had died.[4] In anger, Spider-Man almost killed the Green Goblin in retaliation, but chose not to do so in the end. The Green Goblin still seemingly died anyway when he was impaled by his own Goblin Glider in an attempt to kill Spider-Man (he was later discovered to have survived).[9]

The death of Gwen Stacy had enormous repercussions. Mary Jane, a close friend of Gwen, was deeply affected by her death. Consequently, Mary Jane became much more serious and compassionate. Gwen's death also drew Peter and Mary Jane into a closer friendship, and eventually a romantic relationship. The Punisher tried to hunt down Spider-Man, as he wrongly believed the hero to be Gwen's murderer.[86] The Punisher had been manipulated into going after Spider-Man by a supervillain called the Jackal. The Jackal was once Miles Warren, a former professor of Gwen, who had secretly been in love with her. Following her death, Warren grew increasingly insane and adopted the persona of the Jackal. He also became completely obsessed with Gwen and created a clone of her. The Green Goblin manipulated the Jackal and the clone of Gwen and used both of them in the Clone Saga. Eventually, the clone established her own identity,[87] but later was killed by her own prototype, who also later died.[88]

Sins Past[]

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 511 Textless

Gwen's face?

After Gwen’s death, a mad Harry Osborn created clones called Sarah and Gabriel Stacy from the DNA of Norman and Gwen, intending to make his father and best friend believe Norman and Gwen had twin children together. To sell the scheme, Mary Jane Watson was hypnotized by Mysterio to believe the same. However, though Peter was devastated to think of Gwen cheating on him with Norman, in actuality this had never happened. Once Harry died, an A.I. of him controlled by Mephisto took over the cloning process of the twins, whose clone degeneration caused them to die over and over, and every time Mephisto would torture them in hell before sending them back resurrected with new bodies. Eventually the twins absorbed the A.I.’s consciousness and began tormenting Peter in the guise of Harry, all the while believing Gwen was their mother and believing the motivations of hate the Harry A.I. held for Peter.[89]

Dead No More[]

A new clone of Gwen Stacy was created years later by the new Jackal. The Jackal's new cloning technique allowed for the clone to possess all of the memories of the real Gwen up to the point of her death, which convinced both of them that the clone was in fact the real Gwen Stacy brought back from the dead. Unfortunately, this new cloning technique afflicted all of its subjects with cellular decay, which was prevented with the daily consumption of a pill.[5] This new Jackal was in turn a clone of Peter Parker known as Ben Reilly.[85] Gwen noticed the similarities between him and Peter even though he used a voice modulator to hide his identity. She went along with his plan to extend the reach of his new cloning technology for a better world since she saw some of Peter Parker within Ben.[90]

New U Technologies (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 19 001

New U Technologies

In order to investigate the Jackal's new enterprise, New U Technologies, an alternate reality spider-powered version of Gwen known as Spider-Woman kidnapped the cloned Gwen and impersonated her.[91] The cloned Gwen was kept hostage by Scarlet Spider,[92] but she returned to New U after the impostor was outed.[85] At New U's headquarters, Gwen reunited with Spider-Man, who the Jackal had brought to his base to convince him to join forces.[93] During a private conversation, Gwen forgave Peter for her and her father's deaths. She also tried to convince Peter to join the Jackal, but her reassurances that her and all of the people cloned back to life by the Jackal were the originals had no effect on him.[90]

All of the Jackal's clones, including Gwen, began to decay when their creator started to broadcast globally a frequency that accelerated the cellular degeneration.[93] Gwen helped Spider-Man by directing him to the Jackal's lab and stayed behind and confronted Green Goblin, Hobgoblin and Jack O'Lantern on her own to buy time for Peter. She set off a Pumpkin Bombs killing herself along with them.[6]

Kindred and Judgment[]

Her corpse, along with others, was eventually dug up by Kindred in order to torment Spider-Man.[94] After Kindred's initial capture, the bodies of Gwen and the others were taken by Carlie Cooper to her morgue in order to prevent the police from linking them with Peter and discovering he was Spider-Man.[95] When Kindred revealed "himself" to Peter as Gabriel and Sarah, they battled before Mephisto killed the twins as they no longer served a purpose. Before dying, Sarah asks Peter if they never really had a mother, to which Peter answers that if things had been different Gwen would have loved them as a mother no matter what.[96]

When the Progenitor declared that humanity would be judged, it appeared to Peter Parker as Gwen Stacy with its thumb awaiting judgment. After observing Peter throughout the day and hearing a heartfelt confession from him, the Progenitor approved of Peter. As a reward, the Progenitor revived the real Gwen Stacy so that they could share a moment together, but only for a moment as she disappeared soon after.[7]


Power Grid[101]
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Gifted Biochemistry Student[citation needed]

Investigative Skills: Following her father's footsteps, Gwen sometimes helped the police in some of their cases.[10]


Pill Dependence: In order to avoid cellular degradation, Gwen has to ingest New U Pills daily.[5]


Gwendolyne Stacy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 121 0001
  • The original comic featured a "snap" sound effect next to her head in the panel in which Spider-Man's webbing catches her, but some reprints of the story take out the "snap" sound effect.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man #125 (October 1973), Roy Thomas wrote in the letters column that "it saddens us to have to say that the Whiplash effect she underwent when Spidey's webbing stopped her so suddenly was, in fact, what killed her. In short, it was impossible for Peter to save her. He couldn't have swung down in time; the action he did take resulted in her death; if he had done nothing, she still would certainly have perished. There was no way out." They also explained that Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas and Stan Lee had decided that she had to die because Peter Parker wasn't ready for marriage, and the relationship was too often off and on again.
  • In the 1987 edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Gwen’s death is attributed to the fall.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man #73 Peter catches a woman falling by webbing all her limbs, and in Amazing Spider-Man #120 he catches a man the same way. Meanwhile, he fails to web all of Gwen's limbs properly when catching her, likely from the haste of his concurrent battle with Green Goblin.
  • In Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #11, the Green Goblin attempts to kill Mary Jane the same way he did Gwen, but Spider-Man saves her by firing multiple web-lines.
  • In Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #23 it's revealed that the whiplash of being caught by Spider-Man's webline was what killed Gwen, and that she was conscious up until the moment of her death.


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