Spider-Man was able to save Gwen when she was thrown off the Brooklyn Bridge by the Green Goblin by diving after her instead of using a web line. Once they were safe, he told her the story of how her father really died, and proposed to her. She accepted, and they were subsequently married after Peter was able to finally cure Osborn of the Goblin persona. Jonah burst into their wedding to have Peter arrested for being Spider-Man, but Peter fled, forcing him to go underground while Gwen stayed behind. Although clearly shaken by this tragic turn of events, Gwen was given new strength by the friendship of Joe Robertson, who had acted as her father at the wedding, Robertson subsequently quitting the Bugle in rage at Jameson's actions and promising Gwen that they would do what they could to help clear Peter's name.[1]


Seemingly those of Gwendolyn Stacy (Earth-616)#Powers.

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