Upon her arrival to Earth-616, Gwen Poole ordered a custom made costume from Big Ronnie at Big Ronnie's Custom Battle Spandex. Thinking that from her name she had a connection to Deadpool, Ronnie made it similar to Deadpool's Suit, with pink and white as its primary colors.[1] Gwen later complained about the lack of pants, saying it forced her to shave her legs every day, but Ronnie stated she didn't have enough fabric to do them given that shade of pink was unpopular.

Gwen later ordered Ronnie to make copies of her costume to the M.O.D.O.K. foot soldiers she'd rename "Poole Boys".[2]


Image Description Source
Gwendolyn Poole (Earth-TRN639) from Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 20 003 Evil Gwenpool Variant: The Evil Gwenpool from an alternate future where she used her powers to become a supervillainess wore a full-body version of the suit, including pants and a black cape. Most of the parts that were white in the original, including Gwen's mask, became black. Unbelievable Gwenpool #19


Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Vol 1 2 Gwen Variant
  • The costume first appeared in the "Gwen Variant" cover of Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2 by Chris Bachalo, featuring a a mash-up of Deadpool and Spider-Gwen in a swimming pool. The only difference to eventual Gwenpool suit is that instead of Deadpool's symbol in the belt buckle, there is a large G. This origin was later referenced in issue 1 of Gwen's solo title, where Gwen asks herself in a bathtub if the costume was supposed to be a bathing suit.

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