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Quote1 I mean, I am basically my own self-insert in a Marvel Swimsuit Special right now. Quote2

Appearing in "Gwenpool Island"

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Synopsis for "Gwenpool Island"

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Solicit Synopsis

When you’re setting out to piss off the most powerful heroes around, you might want to consider if you want to cross one who’s IMMORTAL. It’s ok---this issue: GWENPOOL DEFEATS THE HULK! Solicit text would not lie!


  • Gwen requested for Terry Dodson to draw her as more well-endowed in the cover art than she actually is, something he is known for in real life.
  • The title page is a reference to the Yoshi's Island title screen.
  • The name that Gwen gives Black Widow, "becky w/ the good hair," is a reference to Jay-Z's mistress from the Beyoncé song, Sorry.
  • The name that Gwen gives Ms. Marvel, "best girl," is a reference to an anime fandom term for the female character the speaker prefers romantically or sexually. She previously expressed a crush on Kamala at the end of Gwenpool's Holiday Adventure.

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