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A vehicle built by Dr. Doom to look like a flying saucer and a spinning top, it could fly at high speed and shoot from six laser cannons. The Gyroscopic Aicraft was a small fortress that could host up to a crew of fifty, along with several rooms.[1] It could also use its cannons to project messages in the sky.[2] Lastly, it had an invisibility shield to prevent it from being detected by normal means, including the naked eye.[3][4]

Doom used it once to travel from Latveria to New York City to attack the Fantastic Four. Even Mr. Fantastic was impressed at the technological prodigy.[2] After this use, Doom hid the vehicle in a hill hangar near his Citadel.[1]

Then Doom used the Gyroscopic Aircraft to travel from his Latverian Castle to his American one to meet with alchemist and potential ally Diablo. As the American castle was surrounded by American troops, Doom used the ship's invisibility shield to arrive unnoticed; once there, Doom confronted the troops before dealing with Diablo.[3][4]

Later, when the Latverian throne was usurped by Kristoff Vernard, Doom used this vehicle to surrepticiously enter the country along with a small detachment of Defense Droids, one Time-bot that had successfully stolen Thor's hammer and the pieces to build a Time Displacer machine. Doom landed undetected in a forest near Castle Doom, but his scheme failed and, after his robots and the Displacer were destroyed, Doom left (It is unclear whether Doom used the Gyroscopic to escape).[5]

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