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Secret Invasion

A Skrull kidnapped Mockingbird and replaced her with a sleeper agent called H'rpra. She went through the Skrull Infiltration Ritual which gave her all of Bobbi's memories and abilities.[3] She joined the West Coast Avengers when they were battling Alkhema and Ultron.[4] Later she battled the Pacific Overlords.[5]


When H'rpra, as Mockingbird, was captured by Satannish the Supreme, the AWC embarked upon what would be their last mission.[6] The team battled the combined forces of Satannish and Mephisto. During their escape, H'rpra/Bobbi was killed by Mephisto.[7] Shortly thereafter, the Vision disbanded the West Coast team.[8]

Legion of the Unliving

She is resurrected and forced to join Grim Reaper's; Legion of the Unliving.[9] They planned to destroy the Avengers.[10] However they were defeated and all were returned to the afterlife.[11]

Mephisto's Realm

After death, H'rpra/Bobbi's soul had apparently become trapped in Mephisto's Realm.[12] Bobbi sent a message which helped in the resurrection of Hellcat.[13] While there, she was occasionally able to help other heroes. She fought alongside fellow Avenger Hellcat in the Arena of Tainted Souls,[14] and kept company with dead Great Lakes Avengers.[15][16]



  • Skrull Shape-Shifting
  • Skrull Infiltration Ritual: The Skrull took part in a ritual a mixture of science and magic that imbued them with the powers and memories of the selected subject. This allows the subject to go undetected in human form by Iron Man's technological scans, Charles Xavier's mental scans, Spider-Man's Spider-Sense, Wolverine's animal senses, or any other conceivable forms of detection. So subtle and powerful is this form of concealment neither Doctor Strange can detect the Skrull with the Spell of Tartashi, nor could the Elder God-powered Scarlet Witch using Xavier's psychic powers delve past the memory blocks.


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