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The H'ylthri are a plant-based species of aliens,[citation needed] or alien-originated[citation needed] born in K'un-Lun.[citation needed]

Early years

The H'ylthri were the original inhabitants of K'un-Lun.[1][verification needed]

When humans first settled K'un-Lun, the H'ylthri created the living weapon known as the Urchin to wipe them out. However, the Urchin turned on the H'ylthri instead, and nearly wiped them out. They were able to stop it only by containing it by entombing it.[2]

These aggressive plant-like creatures are sworn enemies of the humans of K'un-Lun. A natural animosity took place between the two as and have attempted to again dominate and infiltrate the mystical city much like weeds do to a garden.[1][verification needed]

Modern Age

Once the H'ylthri were able to decimate the city and defeat all its great warriors, such as Lei-Kung the Thunderer.[1]

The H'ylthri also attempted to assault and set up a new world order on Earth. Their human contact was Sam Smithers a.k.a the Plant Man. Smithers was given power by the H'ylthri to animate plant life and, in turn, he helped to create a portal in New Jersey to bring the H'ythri to earth. The H'ylthri leader, Sssesthugar, was a particular close ally of Smithers in this endeavor.[3] In the ensuing battle with several human heroes of earth, the H'ylthri betrayed Smithers and left him for dead.[4]

The H'ylthri are able to impersonate other humans. For years, it was believed that a H'ylthri Iron Fist was in fact the true Iron Fist, Daniel Rand. The ruse was discovered some time later by the Sub-Mariner and Rand's girlfriend Misty Knight.[citation needed]

H'ylthri are also able to attach themselves to humans and control them. Even Wolverine, a mutant with an extensive immune system, fell under their influence.[1] However, when he was freed from their control, Wolverine seemingly killed their leader Sssesthugar and all of his small contingent of H'ylthri on Earth (which were based in New Jersey).[4]


Type of Government

Monarchy (Led by an absolute leader/lord)



  • The H'ylthri claim to be lacking any emotional feelings which they perceive as a weakness.[citation needed]

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