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Posing as Susan Storm


This Skrull had a long career of infiltrating Earth. He initially posed as Susan Storm and stole an expensive diamond from a jewelry store in order to do his part in making the Fantastic Four wanted outlaws. This guise eventually led to the Fantastic Four finding and capturing the Skrull team, hypnotizing them into believing that they are cows, but he alone escaped.[1]

H. Warren Craddock

Reed Richards believed he was on his way back to his home-world, but in fact, this Skrull remained working underground on Earth until the opportunity to take the place of the head of the Alien Activities Commission came up, giving him the ability to steer the public's views on aliens like Captain Marvel (a Kree, and enemy to the Skrull empire) towards having them exiled from the planet.[2] Taking the place of the real Craddock, the Skrull successfully tortured innocent humans, and brought the Avengers and Fantastic Four to court on charges of aiding illegal aliens.[3]

In the midst of an anti-alien speech to an angry mob, the Skrull was reverted back to his native form by Rick Jones' Destiny Force, and the mob subsequently beat him to death.[4]



  • Skrull Shape-Shifting
    • Instead of an invisibility power, he shrank to a miniature size rapidly in order to have people believe he became invisible.[1]


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