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After the disappearance of Magneto, the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy fell into the control of his children, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. The siblings created a sort of truce with Professor Xavier of the X-Men, whereby they would attempt to minimize the loss of human life in their attacks and instead focus on revealing and neutralizing corruption or the potential for devastation.

On one such mission to Pakistan, they attacked a nuclear missile facility alongside HHVX and numerous other mutants. While Scarlet Witch and the Animal Evolutionaries assaulted the base's defenses, Quicksilver and HHVX infiltrated the base itself. HHVX infected the Pakistani computers and paralyzed the missiles' launch pads, allowing Scarlet Witch to levitate the weapons away. At the same time, another Brotherhood team did the same in India, thereby eliminated the threat of nuclear war in the region.[1]

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A self-replicating virus, able to infect, control, or damage both living beings and electronics.

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