Circa 1000 AD, the despot with occult inclinations Queen Haasen used the demonic sword known as La Fleur du Mal to conquer and ruthlessly rule over the Eastern European country of Languria. Her reign of terror, which lasted for about fifteen years, came to an end when her own subjects turned against her, and imprisoned her in a mystical iron maiden made to trap the soul of the tortured beyond death.

Centuries later, near the end of World War II, the disgraced queen was approached by the extra-dimensional demon Mephisto, with whom she made a pact to get a chance at revenge. Her iron maiden prison was transformed into a golem-like armor to allow her to walk among the living again, and she was renamed "Morningstar" after the weapon Mephisto gave to her.[Additional reference 2][Additional reference 3]

Morningstar eventually started to collect souls for Mephisto in exchange for his help in switching bodies with Jeannine Sauvage, the latest incarnation of the Guillotine and current wielder of La Fleur du Mal. Morningstar's obsession over reclaiming her lost sword earned her the position of Guillotine's nemesis.

Contest of Champions

Morningstar eventually surfaced in Battlerealm, to where Guillotine had been taken by the Collector to participate the Contest of Champions, alongside Mephisto through means unknown even to the Prince of Darkness himself.


After Guillotine escaped from the clutches of Thanos the Mad Titan, Morningstar went after her to finally reclaim her sword. Following Morningstar's defeat at the hands of Guillotine and her allies, Doctor Strange offered to help her, but she refused it and escaped. Realizing she had been manipulated by Mephisto into becoming another soldier for Hades, Morningstar came into conflict with the Lord of Lies, refusing to take any more orders from him.


The Contest labels Morningstar as a Mystic Champion, therefore weakening her against Science Champions.

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