Hazel Fontaine was born Hadassah Feinstein, but changed her name when she became an actress due to the prevalent anti-semitic attitudes of the day. Her career took off after marrying Hollywood movie producer Irwin Oppenheim, making her a very famous movie star by the mid 1930s. One day, while nude sunbathing at the rooftop pool of the illustrious La Floridita hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay, she was surprised by the sudden appearance of Dominic Fortune who parachuted into the pool after his plane had been shot down. The starlet took an immediate liking to Fortune and invited him to dinner at the hotel that evening. Unbeknownst to her, her husband arrived at the hotel that evening as well, cutting her and Fortune's time together short.

Weeks later, back in Los Angeles, she and Fortune carried on an affair, even as her husband gave Fortune a job bodyguarding three of the studio's hard-drinking movie stars.[1] After Fortune put an end to Malcolm Upshaw's plot to overthrow the government, he returned to Los Angeles where he and Mrs. Fontaine quickly renewed their love affair.[2] Her subsequent activities have yet to be revealed.

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