Haemon was a member of the High Council of the Lizard People. After the defeat of the human army, sent to explore the land near their hidden town, Haemon saw Ms. Marvel fighting Khadar. Understanding how much more dangerous she was, Haemon stunned Ms. Marvel with his telepathic blasting gaze. [1]

Later, he was present during the trial of Ms. Marvel. When a fight broke out between the heroine and the guards, the monument above the trial arena was shattered and fell on Haemon’s wife and child. Ms. Marvel held up the structure until they were safe. Despite being grateful to the human, Haemon tried to kill her. He blasted her with his gaze and the enormous statue fell on Ms. Marvel. But Ms. Marvel survived, defeated the Guardian, and convinced Aracht’yr to let the humans go.[2]

Haemon's hypnotic power was used to erase the captive humans' memories of the People, but one of them was actually a Dire Wraith so the hypnotic treatment didn’t work on him. The Dire Wraiths thus learnt of the People’s existence, and later attacked and killed almost all them, including Haemon.[3]

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Haemon possessed telepathic powers. He could stun several people simultaneously into unconsciousness with his gaze. He could not read thoughts or erase memories but could scramble them, letting their owner believe they had dreamed.

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