The Hag was a ruthless crime boss that was active in the 1940's. She and her gang would plot to make the stock market crash. Causing a city wide black out, her men would attempt to break into the New York Stock Exchange. Their attempt would be witnessed by the Human Torch and his partner Toro who would attempt to stop them. Using chemicals made to douse their flames, the crooks would defeat the heroes and the Torch would be forced to leave the scene to tend to Toro's broken arm.

The following day their plans would become apparent when all the trading stocks would start to plummet. The Torch would rush to the stock exchange where the Hag and her minions would have prepared a trap for him. In the foreign news room, they would kill the operators and attach a high voltage wire to their desk in the hopes of electrocuting the Torch. When this would fail one of the Hag's men would attempt to toss a bottle of nitro glycerine at the Torch. However the Torch would toss a flame at it mid throw causing an explosion that would kill the Hag and her minions. [1]


The Hag had access to a gas that could nullify the flame powers of the Human Torch and Toro temporarily.


The Hag carried a pistol.

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