Hag of the Pits (Earth-78411) from Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 9 01

The Hag of the Pits

The Hag of the Pits is a powerful sorceress residing in the Pits of Dinosaur World. She developed a reputation as a powerful opponent, and was even feared among the Killer-Folk.[1]

She has been both the ally and adversary of Moon-Boy, Devil Dinosaur, and Gozilla.[1][2][3][4]

Fearing the eventual judgments of the Gods, and knowing her world would need to be saved, she created a jewel to empower the Chosen One with the strength of the animals he would have to one day protect.[3][4][5]


Drawing on the magical properties of the Pits, the Hag has gained several powers and abilities including:

  • Teleportation: The Hag can teleport herself and/or other through space and time by using the Pits.[1][4]
  • Precognition: The Hag receives prophetic dreams of the future and appears to be able to discern coming events.[1][4][5] She can also project herself others in a vision.[5]
  • Longevity: The magical space/time properties of the Pits sustain the Hag, and she is likely much older than she appears.


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