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Quote1.png I'm not going to pretend I can understand what you're going through. The Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter who raised me, they're still alive someplace. Or so I like to think. I can't imagine losing them. Seeing what you saw... there's nothing I can say that's going to help that. But you are what's left of their dream. And if the Steve and Sharon who raised you are anything like the people who raised me -- this is the last thing that they would want. Quote2.png
-- Nomad (Ian Rogers)

Appearing in 1st story

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Synopsis for 1st story

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• Nomad stands his ground; the teachings of Steve Rogers endure.

• With the world crashing down on top of him, Ian Rogers struggles to get home.

• Who is Poison and why is she willing to help Nomad?

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  1. 1.0 1.1 First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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