Quote1.png What BKLYNSpider42 did for us in Harlem... he is a real hero. So proud to call him our Spider-Man! Quote2.png
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Hailey Cooper was a street artist and a social activist living in Harlem. She first met Miles Morales when he happened upon her helping "HarlemStreetArtist" paint a mural featuring Spider-Man (Peter Parker). They briefly met up again during one of his mother's campaign for city council rally. Later, she found one of Kingpin's base and contacted Spider-Man (Miles Morales) through the Friendly Neighborhood App. Kingpin sent his goons after Hailey afterwards, but Spider-Man was able to rescue her. In gratitude, she gifted him her scarf and earmuffs. She was present for the Tinkerer's death, where she learned that Miles was Spider-Man.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Artistry[1]
  • ASL (American Sign Language)[1]




  • Her art was featured by the Daily Bugle twice.[1]
  • Hailey's social network account was HaileyFromHarlem.[1]

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