Quote1.png I was normal baby for 30 seconds, the ninjas stole my Mama WAAAHEHEHAA!!! Nick Fury saw my awesome took me in, suckled me on the sweet milk of justice. Quote2.png
Deadpool explaining one of his origin stories to Spider-Man[src]


Hailey Wilson is Deadpool's mother. According to one of his backstories, about 30 seconds after Wade Wilson was born, Hailey was holding her infant son until ninjas had already infiltrated the hospital and barged into Her room. To her surprise, the baby Deadpool tried to fight against them, all while Spider-Man was also present there because of "genetic engineering or whatever". Ultimately in the end the ninjas were able to capture his mother.

Given the ridiculousness of how this backstory was explained, the events of it are most certainly untrue, thus her current fate is unknown.

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