Quote1 You see only the exterior. He is more than he appears. His is the bravest and most selfless soul I have ever known. Quote2
-- Damiella src

Searching for his place in the world, Throg was sent by Thor to the Himalayas to search for a Yeti. Throg made contact with the yeti, but the pair were pulled into the Dream Realm shortly after. In the Dream Realm they encountered monstrous beasts threatening the land.[1] Upon meeting the Pet Avengers, Ms. Lion asked what the Yeti's name was. He responded that it was too difficult for him to pronounce, so Ms. Lion decided to call him Hairball 2.[2] With help from the other Pet Avengers and the unicorn Damiella, they were able to save the Dream Realm. After the battle, Hairball 2 decide to stay in the Dream Realm with his true love, Damiella.[3]

  • Hairball 2 is a nickname given by Ms. Lion, originally wanting just Hairball. Hairball 2 claimed his real name was too difficult to pronounce.[2]
  • Hairball 2 is currently dating Damiella.[3]

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