The exact origins of the Half-Men of Haydes is unknown, however they appear to be the original inhabitants of the planet which resides in the Earth-5391 reality, a universe where space travel and exploration boomed in the late 20th Century. The people who became the Half-Men became the victims of mad scientist Professor Alfred Kurt who fled to Haydes with his daughter after escaping from an insane asylum for experimenting on cutting human beings in half. Kurt continued his ghastly experiments on the indigenous population succeeding in creating his Half-Men, who were the residents of Haydes but split in half. Each half could then move and operate independently, although they were loyal to Professor Kurt.

The Space Sentinels peace keeping force eventually sent Captain Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day to explore Haydes where they were attacked and captured by the Half-Men. They were brought to Professor Kurt who then attempted to repeat his experiments on Speed, only to become a victim of his own experiments himself. His personality was split with each portion of himself and his "good" half killed his evil half and then turned himself into the authorities[1]. The fate of the Half-Men after Kurt's surrender is unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Despite the fact that they are missing half of their bodies, the Half-Men appeard to be able to remain upright, likely by some means granted by the process that transformed them.


Habitat: Earth standard
Gravity: Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth standard


Type of Government: The Half-Men were enslaved by Professor Kurt.
Level of Technology: Unknown. They were armed with ray guns of unknown type, but these were likely provided to the Half-Men by Professor Kurt.

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