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The robots of Halfworld were created by the humanoid settlers. While the doctors better known as the "Shrinks" worked to cure their patients better known as the "Loonies", the robots took care of the planet's medical facilities, providing food and water to the patients. However, over time the humanoid race that settled on the planet returned to to their homeworld, but they left the "Loonies" behind to be cared for by the robots. Over time the robots developed their own intelligence and no longer wished to care for the organics but did not want to leave them without caretakers. The robots sent out probes across the galaxy to collect animal specimens from various worlds. They altered the animals to gain intelligence and a more humanoid form becoming the Halfworlders, leaving them behind to care for the "Loonies". The machines then retreated to the other side of the planet, which they turned into an industrial park to work on how to shut down the protective Galacian. They robots manufactured the toys designed for the Loonies' amusement, and manufactured the prosthetic's and weapons the animals requested for their own use. After the Loonies were cured, the machines left in their star-ship.[1]

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