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After salvaging Cletus Kasady from Earth's orbit and extracting the Carnage symbiote from him,[1] Michael Hall began work on a biomechanical computer chip and prosthetic limbs that used the symbiote's constituent matter as circuitry, letting them react to their users' thoughts.[2]

After losing her right arm in a shootout between Hall Industries' Iron Rangers - who wore biomechanical armor made from the same technology as Hall Industries' prosthetics - psychiatrist Dr. Tanis Nieves was gifted a prosthetic in exchange for signing a nondisclosure agreement.[3] However, the symbiote matter inside the prosthetic caused her to have nightmarish hallucinations; and enabled the Carnage symbiote to seize control of the prosthetic and force Nieves to free it.[4] After the Carnage symbiote bonded to Nieves, it deposited its then-latest spawn - Scorn - into Nieves' prosthetic arm. The newborn Scorn symbiote assimilated her prosthetic arm, becoming a biomechanical cyborg and acquiring unique technopathic abilities in the process. While Nieves initially rejected the Scorn symbiote out of terror, she eventually acquiesced to bond to it.[5]

As Kasady had lost the lower half of his body following a battle with the Sentry, Hall constructed a prosthetic pelvis and legs.[5] These were later destroyed by Scorn,[6] though Kasady was eventually able to regenerate his lower body.[7][8] After losing his legs a second time,[9] Kasady used the Carnage symbiote to alternately create a set of organic legs and biomechanical prosthetics similar to Hall's prosthetics.[10]

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