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Quote1.png I know you think I'm a monster, Alex, but someday you'll understand that everything I did was done out of love. And when that day comes... I hope you remember to put your mother and me in a decent nursing home. Quote2.png
-- Mr. Wilder

Appearing in "Pride and Joy, Chapter One"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Runaways #1.

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Synopsis for "Pride and Joy, Chapter One"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Runaways #1.

Alex is playing a computer game before being interrupted by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilder. They ask him to be ready when their party guests arrive to their home in Malibu, California.

Every year, the Wilders hold an annual gathering of the same five families and their children: Gerturde, the whiny yet intelligent daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Yorkes; Karolina, the light-hearted vegan daughter of actors Frank and Mrs. Dean; Chase, the rebellious jock son of Victor and Mrs. Stein; Molly, timid daughter of Dr. and Dr. Hayes; and Nico, the goth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Minoru.

After all of the families arrive at the Wilders' mansion and mingle in the foyer, the parents head to the library while they send the children into the game room. Boredom ensues for the kids and so Alex suggests that they spy on their parents by way of a secret passage he found when looking for Christmas presents.

Upon finding a two-way mirror into the library, the kids discover their parents dressed up and believe them to be superheroes, The Pride, as Alex's father calls them; however, as they watch, Mrs. Wilder escorts in a young woman and the children begin to question their parents actions.

The Steins proceed to prepare a device, as Mr. Wilder thrusts a blade into the woman's stomach, stating that she is helping to forge a better tomorrow for their children. Before the meeting can continue, The Pride detect Nico's scream from behind the mirror where the children are located.

Solicit Synopsis

They were six normal teenagers linked only by their wealthy parents' annual business meeting...until a chance discovery revealed the shocking truth: their parents are the secret criminal society known as the Pride! Now, with their true natures exposed, the Pride will take any measures necessary to protect their organization-even if it means taking out their own children! Now on the run from their villainous parents, Nico, Chase, Karolina, Gertrude, Molly, and Alex have only each other to rely on. Eisner Award-Winning writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona craft a thoroughly modern take on the conventional teen drama!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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