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The Halls of All-Knowing was the library of Omnipotence City, which contains its divine archives, and its caretaker was the Lord Librarian. In their youth, Thor and Loki were brought to the Halls of All-Knowing by his father Odin to study the Old Gods.[1] While disdainful of Thor and other Asgardians, the Lord Librarian made a point of recording all of Thor's past and possible future adventures in a series of mystical tomes.[2]

Many ages later, Thor sought the help of Lord Librarian to locate all gods who were or could have been victims of Gorr the God Butcher.[1] One of Gorr's victims, Shadrak the God of Bombs, became the Lord Librarian's assistant - much to the ancient deity's dismay.[2]

Thor's successor, a new Thor, was brought to the Halls of All-Knowing by Mjolnir when it began to show signs of sentience so she could learn of its untold origin.[3]

After the destruction of Asgardia, Freyja assigned Tomekeepers such as Flowa to copy Asgard's most-important texts and sent some of them to the Halls of All-Knowing.[4]

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