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Hammer Bay was the capital city of the island nation Genosha.[2]

Sugar Man had a secret laboratory under the city where he continued his experiments.[citation needed]

E is for Extinction[]

When Cassandra Nova's Wild Sentinels came to wipe out the mutants at Genosha, the assault focused on Hammer Bay, where most of the population was present. The city was taken down and the area irradiated.[3]

Hammer Bay as Black Rome from X-Force Vol 3 24 001

Hammer Bay rebuilt as Black Roma


Hammer Bay was later rebuilt by Selene's undead army (including architects) as Black Roma.[1]

Points of Interest

Hammer Bay from New X-Men Vol 1 132 002

A monument to Magneto, reshaped directly into the three-headed Sentinel that massacred Genosha

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