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Hammerhead was a mobster who has killed the parents of a little girl. The girl stumbled upon local street performer/magician Gambit, who took the girl in to protect her from the mob. The girl was kidnapped and Gambit went on a rampage to find her, blindly running into an ambush Hammerhead set up for him. Gambit got out of the ambush and chased Hammerhead down. In the end, Gambit charged Hammerhead's inorganic skull full of bio-kinetic energy and recovered the little girl, bringing her to safety.[1]

Hammerhead was later discovered to have survived Gambit's attack. When asked, he simply explained "It sucked. I came back". He killed Silvermane[2] and became the new leader of the Enforcers. He burned down one of the Kingpin's warehouses. After an intense battle with Spider-Man, Black Cat, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, and Shang-Chi, he was put in a coma when Elektra brutally stabbed him in the chest with her sai and flung him out a window before he was safely cushioned to the ground by Spider-Man.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[4]
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Hammerhead's skull is extremely durable, resistant to even small arms fire at point blank range.


He is a skilled brawler and marksman, and his strength is at the upper level of the non-superhuman range.

Physical Strength

Normal human male


None known



Various weaponry

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