Hammerhead started out as an enforcer for Silvermane 12 years ago, and was dating his daughter, Silver Sable, before being fired. After that, he worked at the employ of L. Thompson Lincoln, the crimelord also known as The Big Man and Tombstone. After hearing of the news of Spider-Man foiling the criminals under Tombstone's employ, Hammerhead hired the Enforcers to take care of the problem. When that failed, he give Montana a suit in order to become Shocker and kill the hero. Meanwhile, Hammerhead, on behalf of Tombstone, asked Norman Osborn for assistance by using OsCorp to create super-villains under Tombstone's employ. Things became complicated when Hammerhead threatened Osborn to blackmail him if he refused to continue. The Green Goblin later kidnapped him, and manipulated he and Tombstone to distrust each other when Goblin mentioned that Hammerhead had incriminating evidence against Tombstone. Spider-Man later rescued him and helped the two escape from the Goblin.[citation needed]

Hammerhead later employed Sandman to attack an oil tanker and cause a distraction while Tombstone's henchmen drain the oil. Spider-Man appeared, however, and Hammerhead left Sandman to fend for himself. On a later episode, he represented Tombstone in an underground auction sponsored by OsCorp for the blueprints to the Rhino armor. Hammerhead later fought his ex-lover Silver Sable (on behalf of Silvermane), Rhino (on behalf of Doctor Octopus, who wanted it destroyed), and Spider-Man for the blueprints, but they all discovered later that they were fake, with Osborn keeping both the original and the money payed for it. All these failures increased Tombstone's distrust of Hammerhead, who was also feeling betrayed by his boss. Osborn encouraged Hammerhead to rise up against Tombstone, and found a chance to do at the Valentine Day's Summit, where he poisoned Sable and attacked the other crime lords. This was due to a mysterious stranger giving Hammerhead the poison and jamming the communication signals around the crime lords, leaving them helpless. This triggers a three-way fight between the crime lords Tombstone, Silvermane, and Dr. Octopus, which was only stopped by Spider-Man. Rather than using the opportunity to become the new Big Man, Hammerhead fled and went into hiding when Tombstone fired him and threatened to kill him. After his short stay in jail, Tombstone was released, figuring out that the mysterious stranger who helped Hammerhead that night was the Green Goblin, who has become the new Big Man of crime.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Hammerhead (Earth-616)#Powers.

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