As the Giant-Man and an early member of the Revengers, he found very funny when Doctor Doof's metal armor was magnetized by Mangeeto.[1] The Revengers also supported the Fantastical Four when they became musicians (and send them tickets for their concerts).[2]

He became a supervillain then had a breakdown, then divorced, then went to prison, then became a hero again.[3]

He later visited Bud's Sud at a time he had identity problems; Kleenex (Rachel Summers) harassed him with her own identity problems, to his chagrin.[4] He restored the local when it was destroyed.[3]

He also shrank himself, visited Ben Grimm's shoulder and was nearly crushed by the Thang's dandruff.[5] He eventually established himself as an entrepreneur, owning a super market with coupons offering superhero-related junk.[6]


Seemingly those of Henry Pym of Earth-616 - confirmed that he can shrink himself,[5] grow,[1] and shrink and grow items.[3]

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