Hannah Hutchins was a safety inspector at StatiCorp responsible for a particle accelerator in Batesville, Utah. After an accident with the accelerator destroyed the facility and claimed the lives of four maintenance workers, Hutchins was made an outcast in her own town. Hannah was brought to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention after an incident between her and an employee at a Roxxon gas station implied she might have gained telekinetic abilities from the accident. Agent Phil Coulson and his team were sent to extract Hannah, but when a neighbour egged her door, suddenly a police car independently attempted to run him down, but this only increased her neighbours' fear of her. Hannah was then sedated by Agent May with the Night-Night Pistol.

With Hannah locked away in a vibranium-lined cell on the Bus, FitzSimmons began looking into the remains of the particle accelerator to find the source of her telekinesis. When questioned by Coulson and May, Hannah confessed that she believed that she was being haunted by demons. Hannah, however, was not telekinetic, but was instead haunted by the "ghost" of Tobias Ford. Ford was one of the maintenance workers who worked on the particle accelerator who, after the accident, was trapped between this dimension and an alien one, causing him to phase in and out. He also harbored a crush on Hannah, and used his new-found abilities in a misguided effort to protect her, including from S.H.I.E.L.D. After he almost crashed the Bus, Agent May used Hannah as bait to lead Ford to the ground, where she was able to stop him.[1]

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