Like every creature found on the Beyonder's Battleworld following the conclusion of the first Secret Wars, Hanrak was the product of the subconscious mind of the Fantastic Four's Thing.[1] (The Thing had decided to remain on Battleworld[2] after discovering he could change back and forth between human and Thing forms.[3]) Each of these creations were based off some aspect of Ben's memories or personality, with entirely fabricated backgrounds and origins.[1]

A warrior from the land called Leenn, he was the "heart-mate" of the warrior woman named Tarianna. When their land was terrorized by the Wizard, they ventured into the forests outside their land to battle the creature. There they also encountered Ben Grimm, who Hanrak attacked as an weakling and an invaders. However he proved no match against Grimm when he transformed into the Thing. Ben also earned Hanrak's ire when Tarianna began showing favor to the him as well. When the Wizard finally appeared, Ben was shocked to see that the Wizard resembled his old foe Doctor Doom. During the ensuing battle the Wizard split into multiple copies of itself and attacked the Thing. When Hanrak refused to help, Tarianna knocked him out in order to gain hold of his javelin and used it to seemingly destroy the Wizard. Hanrak was then carried back to Leenn, which Ben was surprised to see resembled Doctor Doom's native country of Latveria. [4]

Later Hanrak grew even more jealous of Tarianna's interest in Ben Grimm and when the pair ventured into the castle of Leenn he followed after them. There he ambushed Tarianna and held her prisoner in an attempt to win back her heart. While elsewhere in the castle the Thing confronted the Wizard again only to learn he was the construct of a strange device. Smashing the device caused the entire city of Leenn to disappear, including Hanrak and all its citizens, with the exception of Tarianna, who agreed to accompany the Thing on his quest across Battleworld. [5]


Hanrak rode a horse.


Hanrak carried a sword.

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