Hans Grentoff was the leader of a spy network that consisted of German and Japanese sabotage experts. They were active in 1942 and stationed New York City. From his headquarters located within Sky Towers, he ordered his men to destabilize the Navy's efforts to build new battleships in New York City.

Their plot was discovered by the Human Torch and Toro who stopped an attempted sabotage of a recently completed battleship, smashed one of the spy organization's safe houses, and stopped an attempt to destroy the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges.

Learning of Hans Grentoff's hideout, the Torch and Toro would arrive there and easily beat Grentoff into submission before the police arrived to take him into custody.[1] His fate remains unrevealed.


Grentoff had a radio transmitter that he used to communicate with his spies.


Grentoff carried a vial of nitroglycerin.

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