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Hanuman was an obscene ape-god.[3][4] (or man-ape-god).[1]

Hanuman, the monkey, was the servitor of the Hindu god Rama.[5]

Hyborian Age

During the Hyborian Age, the lower classes of the Turan-controlled city of Zamboula worshiped Hanuman[1] in a disgusting cult. The upper classes considered Hanuman an abomination, but possibly more due to social prejudice and racial fears than based on authentic moral indignation. It is possible that Hanuman was worshiped in various parts of the east and south.

That myth of Hanuman was suspected to be a deification of the grey carnivorous man-apes (the "goblins of Hyborian legendry", that could be found in the hills east of the Vilayet, the mountains along Zamora's eastern frontier and the nameless and mysterious jungles of the south.[4]


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