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Real Name
Current Alias
Baron Zemo
Hademar Zemo (son, deceased),

other unnamed sons (deceased),
Heller Zemo (grandson, deceased),
Unnamed granddaughter (deceased),
Herbert Zemo (great-grandson, deceased),
Helmuth Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Hackett Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Hartwig Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Isla Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Hilliard Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Gretchen Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
unnamed Kleinenshvitz (distant descendant, deceased),
Hoffman Zemo (distant descendant, deceased)[1],
Hobart Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Herman Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Heinrich Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Hilda Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Helmut Zemo (distant descendant),
Heike Zemo (distant descendant, deceased),
Wendell Volker (distant descendant),
Miss Klein (distant descendant),

Mr. Fleischtung (distant relation)
Holy Roman Empire
Base of Operations
Castle Zemo, Zeulniz, Germany
Living Status
Marital Status
1st Baron of Zeulniz


Place of Birth
Zeulniz, Germany, Holy Roman Empire
Creators and Appearances


In the year 1480 and in the town of Zeulniz (south of what we know as Leipzig, Germany), Harbin Zemo, the Granary charge man and ministerialis of Zeulniz, stood alone and slaughtered an invading horde of Slav raiders with an armor he borrowed from others. Impressed with his courage, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire chose to elevate this town administrator who was little more than a peasant himself to the status of Baron of Zeulniz and the outer lying areas.[2]

Harbin was hailed as a hero by the townsfolk. Harbin vowed that whenever good men and women were threatened he and his kin would be there to serve the cause of justice. However, as the years passed Harbin was corrupted by the power he now had over the townspeople and the responsibilities that came with it. He became cruel to the serfs who worked his land and would kill those who did not show him the reverence he felt he deserved as their hero.[3]

Harbin was the first in the line of the Zemo Barony.

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  1. Fabian Nicieza intended to name the 9th Baron Zemo Hoffman but did not get the chance to do so in the script for Zemo Born Better.[1]
  2. Avengers/Thunderbolts #1
  3. Avengers/Thunderbolts #6
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