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In 1859, during his time in London, Apocalypse imprisoned an unnamed human in a special coffin. Inside the coffin, this man would be transformed by Celestial technology into the Harbinger of Apocalypse.[1]

Over 140 years later the Hellfire Club found the Harbinger and planned to use him to track down Apocalypse. Cable tried to stop the Hellfire Club, but he was too late and the Harbinger awoke. The Harbinger defeated the Hellfire Club and disappeared, but Cable tracked him down.[2] The Harbinger told Cable that his programming dictated that he should bring destruction and chaos to the world, but he wanted to judge humanity himself before obeying.[3]

The Harbinger the turned up in New York and decided that humanity should be destroyed. Cable and the Avengers battled the Harbinger, but he could adapt to their attacks.[4] Apocalypse activated a bomb inside the Harbinger which would destroy New York. Cable managed to prevent the destruction using Iron Man's flight boots and grabbing the Harbinger. The bomb exploded over the Atlantic Ocean, killing the Harbinger.[5]

Powers and Abilities


The Harbinger had the ability to adapt to any attack used against him. During his fight with the Avengers and Cable, he showed superhuman strength and durability, the ability to fly, teleport and project destructive energy from his body. The Harbinger also had a bomb inside him which was powerful enough to destroy him and a large city.

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