Hawd-Boiled Henwy is an artificial being created by Technet leader Gatecrasher as a last resort plan if the group ever needed one. Henwy hatched out of an egg in the presence of the British superhero team, Excalibur.[1]

On his first mission, he used his ability of self-detonation with the clock on his forehead to vanquish Excalibur, but it ended up as a failed attempt. His spirit started to haunt Gatecrasher, because he believed he died for no reason. To get him to stop, Gatecrasher built Henwy with a new body.[2] Henwy and the rest of Technet were next seen during a confrontation with the Fantastic Four when they were assigned with the task of kidnapping Franklin Richards.[3]


Self-Detonation: Henwy can make his own body self destruct when he moves the hand on the clock, which is located on his forehead. He then possesses a non-corporeal form until a new body is made for him to inhabit.

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