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The early life and origin of the villain known as Hard-Drive remains unclear. He was an original recruit of the Riders of the Storm, and he remained with the team throughout its existence. He often acted as field leader for the team, often being the one deciding whether a particular mutant remained fit or not according to their ideology. He was killed in a confrontation with the clone known as Madelyne Pryor.[citation needed]

The Dark Riders later resurfaced, hunting down and killing mutant healers as they believed their powers to be a violation of the natural order. This led to a battle with Magneto and the X-Men, as Hurricane and his team had targeted Elixir. The Dark Riders were eventually defeated, and Magneto killed the group by detonating explosives on their island.[2]



Hard-Drive had the power to merge bodily with technology, downloading information contained therein into himself or adapt its machinery into his bionic parts. Hard-Drive also used a cybernetic frame capable of scanning his environment with sophisticated sensors, fire concussive blasts, and teleport over long distances.


Hard-Drive was also known as Mainframe for a while.

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