Body armor worn by the Hardliners.

Model 1

Full-body armor made up of multi-plated sections that did not prove resistant to Guardian's armor.[1] The armor was apparently taken into custody. It was later seen being used by Canadian forces during the apprehension of the Outcasts.[2]

Model 2

Hardliners (Earth-9418) from Alpha Flight Vol 1 128 001

Second Model

The second model of Hardliner Armor was first seen by Alpha Flight in a vision they had of Earth-9418. There, the Hardliners became a full paramilitary force decimating Canada's population.[3] This armor was used by the Hardliners when they lured Alpha Flight to their base after capturing Feedback. Following the team's defeat, the armor was taken into custody by Department H.[4] The full capabilities of the armor isn't known.

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