Hardwire was a member of Geronimo Crowe's resistance group who was tasked to fight against the Administrator and his Watchtower. He helped rescue Wolverine after he had been captured by Deadpool and the Administrator's team, the Scourge.[1]

Hardwire engaged the Administrator's personal guard as he grabbed ahold of one of them allowing Wolverine to strike him with his adamantium claws. Under Crowe's order, Hardwire ran another signature scan of the complex in case any other mutants were being held there so they could be rescued before finishing the job.

As Deadpool was escorting an unconscious Siryn through the building, Hardwire busted through one of the walls cutting Deadpool and the other guards off from their designate route. Wolverine then confronted Deadpool due to his involvement in his kidnapping which caused Deadpool to pick a fight with Logan. Hardwire suggested to Deadpool that he should follow Wolverine's directive after Logan told him that there was no quarrel between them.

But Hardwire's teammate Shooter became trigger happy and fired a blast that hit Deadpool in the head while knocking the tube to the ground. This caused Siryn to wake up while she used her voice to crack the glass open thus releasing her from the pod. After a brief discussion between Theresa and Logan, Hardwire went along with her team to another Watchtower safehouse but after taking out one of the guards they found out the Administrator was only here as a projected hologram leading them to another dead end.[2]


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina

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