Harlan Hackbarth's history before he gained paranormal powers as a result of the White Event is unknown. Soon after this, he was hired by Philip Nolan Voigt to be head of security for his Clinic for Paranormal Research, a facility that claimed to help paranormals cope with their paranormalities, but that was actually set up so Voigt could amass his own army of paranormals. Cruel and sadistic, Hackbarth took pleasure in using his power in causing pain and discomfort to others.[citation needed]

When a member of the Clinic's Therapy Group C, Randy O'Brien discovered the clinic staff's real motives, he and the rest of his group attempted to escape, but were caught in the act by Hackbarth. He used his powers to immobilize the seven of them in various ways, but made the mistake of causing muscle cramps in Dave Landers. Landers had become used to overcoming muscle pain as his paranormal ability of superhuman strength developed, and managed to resist enough to knock Hackbarth unconscious, so they could escape. [citation needed]

Some months later, most of the seven paranormals were recaptured and drugged. One of them, Stephanie Harrington's paranormality meant she metabolized the drugs too quickly, and Hackbarth became angry. He clashed with his colleague Dexter Charne over how to deal with her, and they both attempted to use their powers on her at the same time. The interaction of their powers left both Hackbarth and Harrington in comas. [citation needed]

When Landers, who was in love with Harrington, discovered what had happened, he attempted to kill the comatose Hackbarth, but was stopped by his friend O'Brien. [citation needed]

It is unknown if Hackbarth was still in his coma when the clinic was later raided by police and shut down. [citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Biological Manipulation: Hackbarth had the paranormal ability to control the bodily functions and nervous systems of others. He could create effects ranging from paralyzing parts of someone's body, to causing muscle cramps, sneezing fits, localized pain, pleasurable feelings, to causing strokes and more. It is likely he could even cause someone to die using his power. Hackbarth could use his power to affect more than one target at a time - he was able to affect all seven members of Therapy Group C at once, and could possibly affect even higher numbers than this simultaneously.

Physical Strength

Normal human strength.

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