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Harlan Ryker was part of the Deathlok Program. He was responsible for overseeing the first modern Deathlok prototype, John Kelly. After Kelly's on-board computer rebelled and electrocuted his brain to death,[1] Ryker needed a new brain for Deathlok in a hurry to appease his investors. He found a way to solve two problems at once when a Cybertek employee Michael Collins began making trouble. Collins thought he was working on artificial limb replacement technology for accident victims, not weaponized warbots. Ryker kidnapped Collins and had the Deathlok team remove his brain, making him into the wetware for the new Deathlok cyborg.[2]

Rebels from the future sent one of his Deathlok to kill him, but they instead killed his wife and son and nearly killed his daughter. He tried to save her and her mother, but ultimately failed to save his wife. Rebecca would go through many operations to save her life and improved her condition by Ryker who had locked himself in the bunker and cut all communication. However, S.H.I.E.L.D. broke in to the lab, arrested him and took Rebecca into custody.[3]

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Harlan was clearly a very gifted surgeon and cybernetics expert, managing not only to successfully create Deathlok cyborgs from corpses, but to use the technology to save and maintain the life of his daughter, something that would be many times more difficult when dealing with a living subject.



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