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Quote1 Harlem is supposed to represent our hopes and dreams, it's the pinnacle of black art, politics, innovation. It's supposed to be shining light to the world. Quote2
Luke Cage[src]

Harlem is a large neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. It is known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center.


Luke Cage was born and raised in Harlem. He was recruited into a gang known as the The Rivals. With his best friend Willis Stryker, he fought the rival gang the Diablos and committed various petty thefts, often on behalf of deformed crimelord Sonny Caputo a.k.a. Hammer.[1] When Stryker's activities angered the Maggia (a.k.a. the Syndicate), he was badly beaten in a mob hit, saved only by Lucas's intervention. When Stryker's girlfriend, Reva Connors, broke up with him in fear of his violent work, she sought solace from Lucas. Convinced that Lucas was responsible for the breakup, Stryker planted heroin (stolen from Cottonmouth's organization) in Lucas' apartment and tipped off the police.[2] Lucas was arrested and sent to Seagate Prison, from which he attempted to get revenge on Stryker by contacting the Maggia, only for the group's attempt on Stryker's life to go awry, with Stryker surviving and Reva being accidentally killed.[3]

The Man-Killer stole radioactive materials from the Harlem Power Plant as part of a militant feminist group's plan to destroy male power in Manhattan.[4]

Modern Age[]

Luke Cage however returned to his home now with superpowers and began protecting the street as the Hero for Hire. "Power Man".[5]

T'Challa the ruler of the African nation of Wakanda worked under the alias Luke Charles in Harlem. He taught at Andrew Jackson High School.[6] When he was kidnapped by the Lethal Legion, the Vision, disguised in civilian clothes to protect Black Panther's secret identity, came to the school to make excuses of his absence.[7]

For years The Falcon (Sam Wilson) has considered himself the personal protector of Harlem from crime and crime cartels of any level. Wilson moved Stoneface out of power as the principal crime lord, and has seriously curtailed the activities of his successor Morgan.[8]

While Monica Lynne was working here as a social worker, the Black Panther paid her a visit to tell her of his activities as a school teacher. Leaving her to report back to Avengers Mansion, Monica was attacked and kidnapped by the Man-Ape.[9]

Alternative Realities[]

Marvel's Spider-Man Game Series (Earth-1048)[]

Harlem from Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales 001

At the end of 2019, Harlem was almost completely destroyed when a NuForm reactor made by Roxxon was overloaded at the Roxxon Plaza, damaging buildings and streets around the affected area. The reactor was deactivated shortly after however, thanks to the joint efforts of Spider-Man and the Tinkerer[10]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Emil Blonsky was mutated into a monstrous creature. In an attempt to draw the Hulk out, the Abomination went on a rampage through Harlem, easily demolishing his former troops. Abomination was soon granted a battle by Banner, who willingly transformed into the Hulk to defeat the Abomination. After a brutal battle the Hulk managed to defeat the Abomination by strangling him with a huge chain, though he released his grip after a plea from Betty. The Hulk then shoved the unconscious Blonsky forward to fall at Gen. Ross's feet and then fled the scene with the army in hot pursuit.[11] The Abomination was taken into Ross' custody after that.[12]

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